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[Copyright] Hermès International et al v. Rothschild

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Luxury fashion brand Hermès International SA has emerged victorious in a lawsuit against digital artist Mason Rothschild over his creation and sale of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) featuring digital images of the company's iconic Birkin luxury handbag covered in cartoonish fur.

Hermès argued that Rothschild's sale of the NFTs violated their rights to the "Birkin" trademark, a claim that a Manhattan federal jury agreed with, awarding the company $133,000 in damages.

The case examined how NFTs, which have surged in popularity over the past two years, should be viewed through the lens of intellectual property law. The ruling could set a precedent for future cases that test the line between art and consumer products. Rothschild had created and sold 100 MetaBirkin NFTs in late 2021, priced at around $450 each, with resale values skyrocketing to tens of thousands of dollars.

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Courtesy of Sotheby's Gold Togo Birkin 25 Gold Hardware, 2020 (left) | @MetaBirkins 'The Creation' (right)

During the trial, Rothschild argued that his NFTs were works of art protected by the First Amendment, similar to Andy Warhol's silk-screen prints of Campbell's soup cans. However, Hermès argued that the MetaBirkins were more like consumer products subject to strict trademark laws that protect brands from copycats and those looking to capitalize on their goodwill. Hermès filed the suit after observing that some media outlets had incorrectly identified the MetaBirkins as being a project endorsed by the company.

The jury ultimately sided with Hermès, determining that the NFTs were more like consumer products than works of art, and Rothschild's use of the Birkin trademark was likely to cause consumer confusion and constitute trademark infringement.

The verdict may have implications for NFT artists who want to use trademarks in their projects, and could set a precedent for future cases. However, the legal landscape around NFTs and intellectual property law is still evolving, and it remains to be seen how courts will interpret these issues in the future.

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Courtesy of @MetaBirkins


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