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[Announcement] Speaking Events, New Law Firm and Others

- An work and life update

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The past a few weeks had been fast-paced and full of events. The business world in New York seems to have quickly resumed as people are getting fully vaccinated (despite multiple pending lawsuits that are challending vaccine mandates in the U.S.)  I am also happy to report that, as a serious theatergoer, I almost shed joyful tears last week while watching The Quiet Place Part II and In the Heights at AMC from real andIMAX screens.    

Legal conferences are back to our lives. On June 01-03, 2021, I participated in the IIPLA Virtual IP Summit 2021 as a speaker, where I shared the recent trends and developments in prosecuting U.S. trademarks. Check out the page here if you are interested in this topic. One notable change is that due to significant delays in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, a new trademark application now takes 4 – 5 months to be reviewed, adding two more months onto the timeline. This also suggests a large amount of new trademark applications have been submitted to the office as the world opens. Later this year onNovember 04-05, 2021, I plan to participate and speak at the IIPLA Las Vegas IP Summit, which will be an in-person speaking event. Check out the information page here.

As part of my effort to contribute back to the community, on June 27, 2021, I will be speaking at an alumni panel to share my career story. However, this panel is in Mandarin and will be held at the Tencent Conference. Below is the QR code to register a seat.    


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Lastly and most importantly, with all the encouragement and inspiration from colleagues and mentors, I am finally forming my own law office in New York. In the coming weeks, I will share more of the developments of my law firm – Sun & IP Law Office, PLLC. My practice will focus on IP prosecution and enforcement, as well as entertainment law in general. Meanwhile, I continue counseling for boutique IP law firms in the city.    

No time to waste, let’s journey on.    


Sincerely yours,

Silvia Sun, Esq.

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